an immersive fast paced BATTLEFIELD experience

are you ready?

Viper Strike Airsoft Dundee are your UKARA registered Airsoft site, offering an immersive live battlefield experience with regular organized skirmishes for all skill levels.

Play TDM, CTF, Hostage Rescue and many more games just like on your favourite online games but in a live battlefield environment!

You will never get this type of adrenaline rush playing Paintball or Laser Tag.


To play Airsoft at VSA you must donate to the upkeep of the site.

There is a minimum donation of £20 per game for non VSA members and £18 for VSA members.

All donations help keep the site maintained and help with buying materials for building new game areas.

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Check our events page for regular full day Sunday skirmishes.

We also hold special full weekend events during summer months. You can camp over at the site for the weekend if you like.

Keep an eye on the events pages here and on Facebook for more details.

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If you don't have your own gear, we will gladly supply a G36 Rifle, Gloves and a Face Mask.

Rifles are limited in numbers but are free to use. Rifles are supplied on a first come first served basis.

We also supply BB's at £12 per 4000 (you will need these if you are using our gear). This should last you the whole day!

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Viper Strike Airsoft is a dual airsoft site just 10 minutes drive from Dundee with 2 outdoor airsoft battlefields to suit all airsoft enthusiasts.

We are UKARA Registered and insured for players of 11 yoa upwards - players aged 11 to 18 must be accompanied by a parent to get permission to play. Players of 11yoa to 15yoa must be accompanied by a player adult at all times during play. We recommend players are all above 15 yoa as this is a semi contact sport. If your child is under 15yoa you will need to stay with them during game time.

Our custom built airsoft sites are designed around fast paced tactical action games.


Regular airsoft games will be hosted every second Sunday (9am to around 4pm - see events pages here and on Facebook). If you dont have your own gear, we can provide a gun, BB's and face protection for you to use while attending the game.

We advise you wear at least 2 layers of upper body clothing (2 jumpers, or a hoody and a coat), rugged boots and generally warm clothing.

We have strict terms and conditions which ALL players must agree to.
A pre game briefing is done before each game to ensure that all players know what to expect before playing.

We always have qualified First Aiders on site at each game be it a regular skirmish or a private event.